Fish and Glitch: A GY creative entrepreneur bites off more than he can chew in that London.

Matt Hyde is a Grimsby ex-pat and founding partner in Glitchers, creators of award winning games and interactive products for your smart devices. Who knew a chap from Grimsby could actually earn a living doing this sort of stuff?

As you will see, their in-house graphic style is fresher than a Cleethorpes teenager after a sniff of Lynx. Consequently, demand for their work is high; Such serious corporate folk as Channel 4, Warner Bros, Mr Porter and even Cadbury Mondelelz have all had business scratches that Matt and his pals have ahem… glitched: Mondelez turned to Matt to help them reverse the global decline of chewing gum; it seems nobody buys it anymore.

This is very good news for the pavements of the world, but terrifyingly bad if you happen to be a manufacturer of gummy confectionary. To promote their Stride brand, the company commissioned Glitchers to stimulate a bit of demand for the chewy stuff  with a game app called Gumulon; a chewing controlled game app! Which frankly sounds bonkers, but check out the above TV ad for an explanation that will outshine anything we might muster.

Battered Dreams

Perhaps in a homage to his GY roots, Hyde has also created (among other things) a multiple award winning game in which you run your own chip shop called, appropriately enough, Chippy. It’s available to download on iTunes and is generally raved about in the gaming community. Pass the salt Matt, you are definitely putting the great in Grimsby.




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