Master Strokes: Tooled up with a palette knife in old GY.

Sarah Webb  works with oil and canvas but she sure ain’t a sailor. She was born to paint, not decorate, and draws on her GY East Coast heritage as a fulcrum for her life and work. Check out this glorious rendition of Cleethorpes Pier by Ms Webb to see how the starkly familiar becomes the startlingly alien… in a good way.

sarah webb clee pierE0129026-DA88-4640-A548-7A5D7FD33716-2
That’s the last time I take my Rubens tinted spectacles to the seaside

Sarah’s world view is broader than our beloved home town though, she has lived and worked in Andalusia and Madrid, while exhibiting in many countries. (Visit her site here) Her work has also graced the walls of the National Portrait Gallery in that London!


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