Positive news story shocker! Grimsby is number 1 for clean energy. Now that’s a chart position we like!


A major broadsheet reports a positive news story about Grimsby. It’s a shocker, but it’s true. As featured in The Independent, our town has been lauded as the Green Energy capital of England, knocking the major cities of London and Birmingham into a cocked hat in the process. In fact, the efforts of those two cities in the field of renewable energy were decried as feeble with contributions of under 1 % in the case of the Capital city.  Pathetic London! While wind and solar energy remain much debated as a fuel for the future, a quick look at the comments section in the Independent will attest to this, Grimsby seems to be embracing clean energy with an open mind.

Blowing in the wind: The biggest cluster of offshore wind farms in Europe lies off Grimsby.



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