Attack The Dock! An alien invasion of GY. What’s not to like?

A shoestring budget and a big vision. If these guys ever got a wedge of cash to play with, then the outcome may well be box office gold.


Yella Belly Films are the area’s master purveyors of high quality short films. Shot on a whopping budget of just £2500, their second outing was the multi award winning Grimsby RV, an epic plot in which an alien invasion of the UK culminates in the evacuation of the Prime Minister’s daughter, by special forces, from a rendezvous (RV) point you won’t see in the upcoming 20th Century Fox summer blockbuster Independence Day Resurgence: The Dock Tower!

If you say this place is a dump one more time…

It’s a genius idea, but don’t just take our word for it, here’s 15 minutes of film you won’t regret watching check it out here.

It also contains some great lines which we  particularly appreciate at The Straw That Broke The Haddock’s Back: The soldiers who are charged with saving the life of the PM’s offspring suggest that Grimsby may have looked much the same before the alien invasion. Cheeky! Here’s hoping the team at Yella Belly decide to get back in the saddle for a third short film, and perhaps start a studio franchise out of Grimsby… Bellywood anyone!?



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